2021 Dam Safety Webinars – Access Instructions


  • Internet connection with minimum of 2.0 Mbps upload and download
  • Computer with browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox) or mobile device with the Zoom Cloud Meetings application installed


  • If you are not familiar with Zoom, follow the instructions below in advance of the scheduled start time. This will allow you to troubleshoot technical issues in advance since the webinar links will be live at least one week before their scheduled start times.


  • The screenshots below illustrate the access procedure using a personal computer with a Windows operating system. The access procedures are similar for mobile and Mac devices; however, some screens may be slightly different.
  • The name you choose in Zoom will be visible; however, you do not need to enter your real name. Your audio and video will be automatically turned off when accessing the webinar; however, you will have chat functionality activated between you and the hosts.

Step 1 – Open the provided webinar link using your preferred internet browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended).  If you have not received a webinar link, visit https://interiordams.com/2021-dam-safety-webinars/ and click the appropriate webinar link

Step 2 – If you have already used Zoom on your computer, you will be prompted to “Open Zoom Meetings” or you will be directed to a webpage showing a “Launch Meeting” button.  Clicking either the “Open Zoom Meetings” prompt or the “Launch Meeting” button will bring you directly into the webinar, move to Step 4.  If you do not have Zoom on your computer, continue to Step 3.

Step 3 – If you do not have Zoom on your computer, when clicking the provided webinar link (from Step 1) you will be directed to a Zoom webpage and prompted to download the software.  You have two options:


Install Zoom by downloading and executing the software.  This will automatically access the webinar as shown below.

Once downloaded, click on the download icon (in your browser) or open the file you have just downloaded by double-clicking it.  Opening the file will automatically bring you directly into the webinar, move to Step 4.


If you do not want to install Zoom or if you are having issues with the above, you can access by clicking “Cancel” when prompted to download (in Step 3).  After clicking “Cancel”, simply click the “Join from Your Browser” link shown below then click “Join”.  For security reasons, this option may require you to complete a reCAPTCH question to prove you are not a robot.

Step 4 – You may be prompted to select your audio or microphone device when accessing.

For most users, simply click the “join with Computer Audio” button. If the webinar is not yet in session, you will see a screen prompting “Please wait for the host to start”.  Once started, you will automatically be put into the meeting.

Step 5 – Enjoy the show 😊

There will be some anonymous interactive polls, so have your mouse ready!  (or fingers for touch screen devices)